Social Distancing and Why It Presents an Opportunity for Marketers

Faced with the prospect of social distancing and more time at home, people are increasingly turning to the online world to help them feel connected, informed, and entertained. This should spell opportunity for brands. After all, people are spending more time than ever on social media. Unfortunately, given fear and economic uncertainty, many marketers are actually reducing their Facebook ad spend instead, as Mark Zuckerberg recently told The New York Times. Social media data shows Situs Poker Online, that this may prove to be a costly mistake with a high opportunity cost for brands. Let’s look at why.

To understand the likely impact of COVID-19 on brand and user behavior on social media, Socialbakers recently completed an in-depth analysis based on data from our global social media marketing platform, which is used by brand marketers across the globe. The goal of the analysis was to provide marketers with key insights into how the social media landscape is changing and how they should be marketing today in order to come out stronger tomorrow. The data available today already shows that ad spend in East Asia is bouncing back as business starts to return to normal, which should be an encouraging sign for regions like North America and Europe where the purse strings have tightened in the wake of the pandemic.
Additionally, the analysis revealed that more users are online during this period, as social distancing forces people to spend more time at home. More users being online means that there are more people to whom ads can be served. The combination of the lower cost of ads with the fact that more people are online presents a real advantage for savvy marketers looking to reach and engage with their audiences during this time of crisis.

Although many ad budgets have been frozen or reduced due to economic uncertainty, brands across all regions are posting more organic content. This is a smart move. People are at home and spending hours online. Brands can and should provide more content. But by decreasing or freezing their budgets, most brands are also failing to take advantage of dramatically reduced ad costs. For example, in December 2019 in North America, cost-per-click (CPC) was around 0.64$. By mid-March it was just half of that: 0.32$. Data for Western Europe tells a similar story. Going into December 2019, CPC was around 0.43$. By mid-March it was down to 0.20$. Savvy marketers should be taking advantage of these historically low costs. Most aren’t.