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Effective Ways To Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal And Speed?

Effective Ways To Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal And Speed?

February 7, 2019

WiFi is a wonderful thing. There was a time when the only way to surf the internet was by firing up your dial-up connection on a computer. Today, we can enjoy the several benefits of online on our smartphones, game consoles, and many other devices without having to plug them into a WiFi router.

Of course, a pleasurable experience can quickly turn frustrating as soon as your WiFi signal starts failing on you. Whether it is a connection that keeps dropping or painfully slow speeds, you have probably suffered WiFi problems before. If you are tired of your WiFi acting up during an important Skype call, heated online game match, or in the middle of a Netflix session, then keep on reading. If you have any issue related to a router then resolve easily chat with us: Netgear Router Update Help

The 3 Most Common Wi-Fi Issues

  1. Bad Wi-Fi Range

Until and unless you live in a small studio or do most of your internet use in one room only, it does not matter that how impressive your speed is if your WiFi signal gets wonky a few feet away from your WiFi router. Using your laptop or tablet is fine when used in the same area, but take a trip to the kitchen or living room and your network connection suffers.

  1. Slow Wi-Fi Speed

There are very few things more frustrating than knowing you are not enjoying something which you are paying for. Even though when you are giving that internet service provider big bucks each and every month, your online games always end up being laggy or your streaming movies take a very long to load. Although many of the things can cause this problem, usually it is one of two reasons.

  1. Dropped Wi-Fi

Poor speeds and network range are not great, but at least you can still make use of your internet. It is when you keep getting kicked out of a match or the internet pages refuse to load when the people start pulling their hair out. Just like the other multiple problems, there can be a various number of things causing this one.

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Some Of The Simple Ways To Fix Your Wi-Fi Troubles

  1. Move your WiFi router away from the signal-disrupting objects

There are various things in your home that may be affecting the range of your WiFi and speed or causing signal drops. The biggest perpetrator is metal, which is a powerful conductor of electricity and magnetism. Since metal absorbs the radio waves, which are the electromagnetic energy, it may be the reason that your WiFi signal is not much great. The fact that most of the WiFi routers handle data via the copper wire antennas only adds to the problem.

We suggest keeping a good distance between your WiFi router and the following:

  1. Remotes for TVs and other wireless devices
  2. Security alarms,
  3. Baby monitors,
  4. Cordless phones
  5. Microwaves
  6. Other WiFi routers

Since the metal does not play nice with the average router, the kitchen is one of the last places you want to keep your router. Other materials which are known to sabotage wireless signals include solid concrete, water, and bricks. If you live in a small area and it is difficult to keep your WiFi router away from these kinds of materials, consider a dual-band WiFi router with 5.0 GHz. Compared to 2.4 GHz, a 5.0 GHz frequency is far more resistant to the interference.

  1. Relocate your router to a central location

One of the worst things you can do with your router is stuck it in a corner where no one can actually see it. This is even more problematic if doing so means it is now behind a cabinet or any other object. Unless you spend all your time in that area of your place, we recommend placing your router somewhere in the middle of your home.

Doing so will give you a much better signal strength no matter where you are in the house. Wireless routers are omnidirectional, which means the wireless signal is being sent to every direction at the similar strength. Placing it in a central location will allow your network signal to bounce throughout your place, reaching more locations. On the other hand, keeping it in a corner means you are sending part of your wireless network signal toward your home and the other into the outer space.

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