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Evidence shows that the next character of Apex Legends is Octane

Evidence shows that the next character of Apex Legends is Octane

March 6, 2019

Over the last 24 hours, various unconfirmed leaks and several new rumors about the next character of Apex Legends have circulated from various different sources, supporting even pointing and prior rumors, maybe, to a coming release of a brand new character called Octane and/or the first season, which we are expecting sometime in the middle of March. Although EA games have not announced anything officially, let us lay out the data and information we have so far.

Speculation about all the characters that are unreleased began a few weeks ago when data miners uncovered a list of what appeared to be different names of unreleased characters, spotting Octane among a list of others like Jericho, Rosie, Crypto, and Prophet. Strings uncovered from this informative data like octane_stim_release and octane_stim_inject suggested that Octane would be a character whose weapon kit includes some kind of strong injection system, a trope not uncommon to games which seemed believable in Apex legends sci-fi setting.

Yesterday, a Redditor named as Beartooth shared a clear image that makes a strong visual connection with this description of the new character.

A cylinder and neon tubing attached to the hip character in the image above suggest some kind of strong injection mechanism, while his metal legs indicate that Octane if this is indeed them, could be a cyborg warrior.

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The poster did not say anything about whether or not they were themselves a tester of Apex Legends with access to a fully private version of the game. The only detail which they offered was that the Right image is from the Deep Dive trailer of the game when it shows the silhouettes of the next two coming Legends. The watermark on the image, childz_pl4y, is connected with a private Instagram account which consists of 32 posts.

The same day, another user on social media forum Reddit shared an image with a similar watermark that added much more detail. Although the text shown here is something which is easier to doctor, the character image behind the data and information pane is not. This second image shows the abilities of Octane in Apex’s store menu (alongside, notably, there was a new tab for the first season.) They are as follows:-

Swift Mind (Passive)

While not taking any particular damage, Octane restores his health over time.

Adrenaline Junkie (Tactical)

Move 30% faster for only 6 seconds. Costs 10% health. Immune to slows while this is active.

Launch Pad (Ultimate)

Deployable jump pad which catapults users via the air.

It would not be entirely the complete first time we have seen a character focused on speed through self-inflicted damage in a game, although Octane’s passive ability would overlap somewhat with Lifeline’s healing drone which is tactical. A trampoline-type item would also be right at home in Apex Legends, especially given the presence of such devices in Fortnite. The mention of immunity to slows from Adrenaline Junkie indicates to us that more movement-inhibiting and stun abilities are probably on the way in Apex Legends.

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