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Master Chief Collection Of Halo Updated On Xbox One Amid Rumors Of Release On PC

Master Chief Collection Of Halo Updated On Xbox One Amid Rumors Of Release On PC

March 8, 2019

Microsoft continues to support and update Halo: The Master Chief Collection. The latest update is out now in time for the start of Spring season in the northern hemisphere, and it is a huge one. Starting off, players will immediately notice by themselves that the menu screen is a little bit changed.

Gone is the background of winter-themed featuring a Warthog during falling fun. It was serene and peaceful, so we are a bit sad to see it go. The screen of the menu is now back with its regular look that was there prior to the very first revision around the Flood back in the month of October.

“The past few months have been really fun from changing up the feel and look of the menus, adding several community maps, and introducing some much features which are been asked for,” 343 said. “We have had so much fun working with the community to bring a brand new life to the loading screens and we are completely looking forward to the next upcoming update.”

In addition to changing the Halo: Master Chief Collection menu screen, the update makes a huge series of changes to the multiplayer playlist of Social Games. You will now find new game types such as Rocketball (Oddball with Rockets), Team Muskets (no shields or shotguns), and Team Reign (a player on every team is “it” and they have to be protected).

On the Competitive front, the Classic Team Arena of Halo 2 is going away, and it is replaced by Classic Team Hardcore of Halo 2 on ranked playlists.

Further changes to Competitive games include penalties of suicide and betrayal being disabled for Hardcore. You can see a rundown of the various changes in the latest new update at the bottom of this post, as outlined by 343 on the forums of game.

The latest update for Halo: The Master Chief Collection comes during a recent latest report that claimed the game may be announced soon for a platform of PC. It has been rumored for a while now that Microsoft company would bring the game to PC, and Microsoft may announce it during its Inside video event of Xbox on March 12, 2019. Keep checking with us for the latest updates.

The update contains the following:-

Social Games:-

As a result of feedback of the community, we have also updated the following for Social Games:-

1. 4v4 HCS Action Sack: Chill Out, Chiron-TL34, and Rat Race support Team Muskets

2. 4v4 HCE Action Sack: Chill Out, Battle Creek, and Wizard support Team Rocketball4v4 HCE Action Sack

3. 4v4 HCE Action Sack: Longest, Chill Out, and Rat Race support Team Reign4v4 H2C Snipers: Added Midship, Beaver Creek, Lockout, and Sanctuary and retuned weighting

4. 2v2v2v2 Action Sack: Score to win in Fiesta is now increased from 25 to 50

5. 8v8 H2A Bomb and Flag: Reduced number of rounds from 6 to 4 for One Flag CTF and One hyper Bomb Assault

6. 8v8 H2A Zone Control: Added defend/attack Territories to Stonetown and Remnant

7. 8v8 H2A all: Disabled Sudden Death and better in-game settings across various modes

Competitive Games:-

1. H2C Team Arena is now replaced with H2C Team Hardcore.

2. Suicide and Betrayal penalties have been disabled in Hardcore.

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