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Steps To Configure the Netgear AC1750 through Netgear Genie setup wizard

Steps To Configure the Netgear AC1750 through Netgear Genie setup wizard

March 13, 2019

Netgear Genie is an interactive desktop app which is compatible with both Mac as well as Windows Operating systems. Netgear developed this Genie wizard for the ease of the users. It becomes much easy to access and configure the Netgear firmware update setup portal through the desktop application of Netgear Genie as the user need not access any web page address for the configuration purpose.

The Netgear Genie application is a desktop app compatible with the Mac and Windows operating systems. For using the smart setup wizard of Netgear Genie, it is required that your WiFi router should have the compatibility with Netgear Genie smart setup wizard or it should have the Netgear Genie application embedded inside it.

Updating the firmware of Netgear R6400-100INS AC1750:-

Updating the firmware of the Netgear WiFi router through the Netgear Genie smart wizard becomes much easier and convenient. The Genie smart setup wizard is a very interactive user interface for the WiFi router setup as well as a firmware update. You can perform various multiple tasks through this Netgear Genie desktop application.

1. Open the web browser and enter the web address in the address URL bar and press enter.

2. Authenticate the login to the web browser with the password and the username you have set or if you are logging in to the WiFi router for the very first time, then you can enter the default credentials that are “password” and “admin” respectively.

3. The web page of Netgear Genie will pop out automatically from where you can update the firmware of the WiFi router.

4. Click on the tab of the tools and then click on the firmware update tab.

5. Assuming that you have already downloaded the file of a firmware update from the Netgear downloads section, click on the tab of browse and you will be prompted to locate and open the update file from your computer.

6. Now select and open the downloaded firmware update file and click the upload tab in the bottom of the setup page of the Netgear Genie smart setup wizard.

7. Once you have clicked the upload tab, the firmware update installation process will get started automatically and the upload will get finished in a minute or two.

Note:- It is of very much importance to note that the process of firmware update should not be interrupted in any case as it can cause the WiFi router to malfunction and the WiFi router can get damaged forever also.

Points to be kept in mind:-

Use the wired connection such as ethernet connection instead of the wireless connection as the wired connection is much more trusty and reliable comparatively. You may also need to configure the WiFi router again after the firmware update because the information and data on the WiFi router get erased often during the procedure of firmware update. Do not remove the adapter of power supply between the whole firmware updating process. The graphical user interface can get more interactive after the firmware update is completely done.

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