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Steps To Choose A VPN Wi-Fi Router and Why Do We Need It!

April 2, 2019

Why do you need to Install a VPN on Your WiFi Router?

If you are a typical internet user, then you should already be using a VPN for your WiFi router, at least in its web service data and incarnation. That is unless you like having your web habits scrutinized and your data completely open to anyone because it is not encrypted. This means downloading a free VPN client or paying some small monthly dollar amount for a premium, the more full-featured client from makers such as NordVPN and it a limited time period Deal. In either case, you will pay for each client application individually, and you will download one to every device you use to trundle through the jungle of the internet.



Steps to Choose a VPN WiFi Router:-

Once you have determined that running your VPN from the WiFi router really is better for you in every case, there comes the question of choosing one. Here is where it might get a little complex or not if you are a little bit fortunate. That is because there are various ways to get a router that is called VPN-capable. The most direct and easy way is to simply buy one from your VPN service provider.

Several personal VPN providers are now offering WiFi routers that come preconfigured with one of their clients, including leaders of the market such as NordVPN and TorGuard VPN available at TorGuard which has the 24-month plan. Not only do you get a client working and ready but you also often get a fairly wide selection of WiFi routers. TorGuard VPN, for instance, offers its client on WiFi routers from GLI, Linksys, Asus, and Netgear, among others. Downside? Lack of flexibility in configuration and, potentially, price depending on how the VPN service provider decides to charge for a client housed on a WiFi router over one confined to a single device. For those looking to keep much more control, however, you will require to delve into DIY (do-it-yourself).

When going the do it yourself route, your very first step should be to check the entire features table available on the official website of pcmag as well as your current documentation of the router. You are looking to see whether it is VPN-compatible, whether it is specifically compatible with any particular vendor of VPN, or whether it is compatible with OpenVPN.

OpenVPN is not just a standalone product of VPN, it is also an open-source VPN platform that is become something of a standard in the world of VPN. Providers often fully support their own platform as well as OpenVPN simply to give all their clients, especially their small business clients, some choice when it comes to client software since downloading the client of OpenVPN is completely free. Remember, your WiFi router is essentially a little computer with its own proprietary operating system embedded in its firmware. What that operating system supports is up to each wireless router manufacturer i.e., Linksys, Asus, and Netgear, to name a few. If your WiFi router supports OpenVPN, then it is compatible with a large swath, though not all, VPN service providers. Some will give documentation on configuring an OpenVPN client with their best in class service, but some would not.

Your best bet is to start with the VPN service provider’s documentation, then check the WiFi router documentation of the manufacturer, and then do an internet search to see if the process is completely described in any third-party support forums like Reddit or Quora. Move on to another, more WiFi router-friendly VPN service provider if all of those steps fail. Though, if you are determined to go the do it yourself WiFi router, then that is not your only path.

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