What is router’s SSID?

SSID stands for Service Set Identifier. It is a name given to the Wi-Fi network in order to identify unique and legit network. When user tries to connect to its own available network, he/she may encounter multiple networks and hence if there is no unique name, user may suffer confusion. Netgear, in order to solve this problem, provides the concept of SSID. This allows you to setup new and unique name for your router’s network, which user can search while connecting to router for its internet connectivity.

What is router’s password?

Router’s password also known as network key is used to protect your network from security breaches. When user tries to connect to any of the available network, he/she would be prompted to enter password to authenticate and that password is known as network key. If there is no password, anybody can connect to your network and perform security violations. Netgear Router Setup , in order to resolve the security issue, provides feature of network key which user can change while setting up router for personal use.

Can we change/update these credentials?

Yes, Netgear allows you to change these credentials using smart wizard, Netgear Genie or Netgear Nighthawk. You just need to login into your router’s web management page and at that page you can change your router’s username (SSID) and router’s password (network key). For Netgear genie and Netgear nighthawk you just need to download the app on your device and connect it to router’s network using old credentials. Once connected, you can run that app and login into router’s home page using admin credentials, provided at the back of your router’s box.

Why do I need to always have the latest firmware on my Netgear product?

Netgear product can be Netgear Router and Netgear Extender. Having latest firmware is very important as it increases router stability, flexibility, performance and functionality. If you don’t update firmware, you might face multiple issues such as no internet connection, frequent signal drop, lower download and upload speed, lights on the router blinking and etc…. Some issues get automatically resolved once you update your device’s firmware. You can get the latest firmware from setup wizard or from Netgear official website. You can download it and update it on the firmware section available on its web management page.

Do I have to register my router for it to work?

Registration of your router is not necessary for it to work. You can register its serial number for more benefits such as extended warranty etc if available. You can register it for Genie and Nighthawk remote application.

What is the Netgear Genie for?

Netgear Genie app is a desktop application that runs on both the personal computer and the MAC. You can configure to manage the Netgear home routers, control and repair home networks, also providing a simple dashboard to the monitor. You need to ensure that the router is running the latest firmware as not all the genie functions are supported on the older firmware version.

What is Netgear Genie access control?

For the newer routers that comes with the genie user interface, you can refer to our configure Access Control or MAC filtering using genie guide on the website. You need to have an ethernet cable to configure Access Control or MAC filtering with the smart wizard where the ethernet cable is used to connect a computer to one of the four LAN ports of the Netgear Router Update.

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